My BIG Georgian

An extraordinary 3-day program by the sea with a Georgian flair for 100 couples.
For people who appreciate more intimate gatherings rather than expensive standard ceremonies.
You've decided to get married!
But the wedding preparation is a long, complicated and expensive process, full of problems like:
Who should we invite in order to make everybody happy? We don't want to offend anyone.
How can we deal with all the minor details without quarreling?
Reserve this day for yourself!
This is exactly why we have created our festival.

"My great Georgian wedding" is not just a mass ceremony. This is both an intimate and a grand celebration at the same time. It's for open-minded people with similar interests who like to have a good time.
You will get
3 days of sea-side holidays and fun with your friends with Georgian flair
Cool presents for everyone, from the sponsors and our team
Personal wedding albums with all of the photos from the wedding

14—17 September, 2018
Chakhvi, Adjaria


Check-in at the magnificent sea-side Dreamland Oasis Hotel. Enjoy your free time before the evening program- relax on the beach, have a good meal, pamper yourself in a beauty salon or do anything your heart desires.
A stag party and a bridal shower will be at two different places. Here you will meet other attendees and get to know each other by doing a dance masterclass, playing sports games or simply enjoying cocktails and a barbeque. Our team will create a special atmosphere to make you feel at home and dive you into Georgian culture.
Individual transfer to Chakvi. A picturesque road, pleasant music and practical gifts from the organizers. Here the adventure begins :)
A light standing banquet before moving to the ceremony. A bit of champagne and snacks for the festive mood and relaxation. Time to go to the special place, each couple in a private chauffeured car.
The wedding ceremony will be held in Batumi Botanical Garden, a unique place by the sea-side with stunning views surrounded by nature. It´s a real wedding attended by Registry Office representatives with official international documents.
Preparation for the ceremony. You can visit a beauty salon and our photographers will capture the process for your wedding album. Or just have a longer sleep, if you like :)
A light standing banquet with champagne, snacks and joyful kisses will follow after the wedding ceremony. Apart from that, the photographers will conduct a photography session either in the garden or in the city.
Our festive banquet will begin with welcoming drinks and then we will move to a luxurious hall with panoramic sea view. The banquet will fluorish with magnificence, including Georgian dances, a chorus, delicious Georgian food and a sea of wine. It will also include an entertainment program with special performances and hearty Georgian toasts made by passionate toast masters and special guests. There will also be a fire show, fireworks, dancing all night long... and still so much more! After that, it´s up to you to decide when to slip away :)
You can choose how to spend your day as you wish. Do you feel like sleeping in until noon, staying in your room and ordering meals in? What about sunbathing and swimming in the sea? Wanna have fun at a water park or an entertainment center? Or what about a day trip to historical places and national parks... Or drinking wine during a painting masterclass? We have organized numerous activities and you can choose the one that suits you the best. By the end of the day, your wedding photo album will be ready.

Wish to become one of 100 couples at our love festival?

A special price will be available until 30th of April!


Participation only for the newlyweds
The pre-sale price available until 30th of April

The price from 1st to 31st of May — 3300$

The price from the 1st of June — 3600$
2+0 VIP
VIP participation only for the newlyweds
  • The pre-sale price available until 30th of April
  • The price from 1st to 31st of May — 4400$
  • The price from the 1st of June— 4840$
2+2 VIP
VIP participation for the newlyweds, their best man and maid of honor
  • The pre-sale price available until 30th of April
  • The price from 1st to 31st of May — 7150$
  • The price from the 1st of June— 7865$


What does the package include?
The standard package 2+0 and 2+2 includes:

  • accommodation in a double room of a 4*, breakfast included;
  • transfers according to the program;
  • participation in all the events of the program;
  • Full Board on the day of the event;
  • ironing of clothes of the newlyweds, their best man and maid of honor;
  • a standard bride's bouquet and a groom's buttonhole bouquet;
  • a bride's hairstyle and make-up selected from our catalogue;
  • photo shooting at the festival photo points;
  • printing the wedding album;
  • medical insurance.

Beside the above-mentioned services, the VIP 2+0 и VIP 2+2 packages include:

  • accommodation in a larger superior room;
  • a personal photographer and a private photo-journey along the individual route with custom-made plotting, for example, a photo session on a yacht (the duration of a photo session is 3-4 hours);
  • a custom-made bride's bouquet and a groom's buttonhole bouquet;
  • an individually designed bride's hairstyle and make-up, as well as a trial hairstyle and make-up on the 1st day of the event;
  • an individual excursion at the newlyweds' special request.
What is not included?
  • flight ticket;
  • additional activities (masterclasses, excursions, sports exercises, etc.) on the third day of the festival.
You can book these services from us at the special price. Our managers will provide you with the detailed information about the prices and payment procedures.
What are the booking and payment conditions?
Step 1. You should apply to participate in the event and we´ll make a reservation for you. Our managers will contact you and draft a contract specifying all of the conditions.
Step 2. Within 1 week of signing the contract, you´ll pay 30% of the package price at the moment of the application.
Step 3. The remaining 70% of the package price should be paid within 1 month, since the time of the advanced payment.

The possibility of dividing the payments in 2 parts should be discussed with a manager and also stated in the contract.
Are there any discounts I can get?
If you make a reservation with another pair of newlyweds, both of you will get a 5% discount. Our partners can offer you another discount as well. To get a discount, just fill in the names and surnames of your friends or a partner's promo-code in the "How did you hear about the event" section of the application form.
Which documents are required for marriage registration?
To register your marriage, you will need passports and in case that one or both of you have been married before, also divorce certificates. Don't worry, our managers will request all the documents from you and prepare them for the Registry Office.
Which marriage certificates will I get? What should I do with them?
After registering your marriage, you will get an international marriage certificate valid also in other countries. To register the marriage in your country, you should present this certificate to your national Registry Office at the site of your registration and get your passports stamped.
Is there an option for a honeymoon in Georgia? If so, how much do you charge for it?
If you want to make your holidays in Georgia longer and spend your honeymoon here, we can offer an additional program at a special price with a custom-made program for you. Contact our managers for prices and options.


"We are developing tourism in a new concept. Tourism that dips a guest into the country´s culture, opens the mind, influences your emotions, makes your life more cheerful, intensive and inspiring for new achievements, new goals and new dreams."
The corporate tours and events organizer in Georgia. The organizer of Batumi ArtFest "ARGANI" festival, which has been nominated for the Welcome to Georgia Award as the event of the year.



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